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Citrus Bomb

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The citrus bomb berry blend juice is a specially formulated juice that contains a strong base of the superfood cape gooseberry and orange, with strong tones of grapefruit and lemon. THAT’S ALL. It’s a tart, slightly bitter juice due to the grapefruit, but is zesty and refreshing with high fibre and an expected vitamin C punch. It’s a high energy, low sugar juice that is packed with antioxidants and a wide range of vitamins and essential oils. This juice will boost the immune system and support a healthy cardiovascular system with anti-inflammatory protection.




Cape Gooseberry

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This juice should be stored in a refrigerator, where it can be kept for up to 150 days. The juice may also be frozen to extend its shelf life. This juice may be stored out of the fridge for up to 10 days to allow for unrefrigerated transport but should thereafter be returned to the fridge. The juice should be consumed within 3-5 days after the cap has been removed, and within 30 days after the tap has first been opened in the 2-litre bag-in-box format.

4 reviews for Citrus Bomb

  1. Eric

    Flippin lekker!! Great tasting way of getting my vitamin c up. I didn’t know the gooseberry was such an excellent superfruit, full of vitamin c and the main ingredient.

  2. Tom

    Riebeek Kasteel’s newest secret that shouldn’t be a secret…what an amazing range of berry drinks. This was defs my favourite!!

  3. Adam

    Saw this at Kleinsky’s bagel deli (AWESEOME) in Seapoint…WOW. Gooseberry drink with lemon and orange AND grapefruit. Flu/covid voetsek!

  4. Tom

    What an awesome way to get your Vitamin C. I never knew the gooseberry was so high in it.

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